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Internet accelerated tile industry reshuffle, franchisees pay attention to three major details

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      Nowadays, the market environment of ceramic tile is changing constantly, the market consumption demand changes, and the market competition environment is becoming more and more fierce. These influence the development trend of tile industry. With the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet e-commerce has intensified the "reshuffle" of the industry, so the idea of joining the tiles also needs to change. Agents joining tiles want to be like a duck in water, the following three details can not be ignored.

  一、Recognize the essence of Internet thinking

  CEO Lei Jun millet Internet thinking about "seven words formula" - focus, extreme, reputation, fast. Among them, the first six words, with the non internet era almost, the difference is "fast!"". "Speed" has changed, the Internet Era "fast" has exceeded our imagination. "Fast" is decided by the Internet itself, it across the boundaries of time and space, regardless of day and night, regardless of location, a variety of media, a variety of channels, has spread fast, wide spread range, more accurate, real-time interactive. Competition in the Internet era is also the speed of competition, a good idea, a good model, only the rapid implementation of the opportunity to seize the initiative. If you still keep the traditional fixed thinking economy era and social development so fast, is the so-called fall behind.

  二、Never too much money

  With the market changing rapidly, it is not advisable for stores to be decorated, to store large quantities of stock, and to employ large numbers of personnel. Stores luxury decoration, the funds invested more, it takes a long time to come back to cost. A large number of inventory, the flow of funds will become less, and can not update the goods in time, it can not meet the needs of customers in a timely manner, the rate of depreciation of goods will soon. Every minute and every second of the market is changing, and the result is that none of us can predict and estimate the amount of money involved. We are in acting ceramic tile, when joining ceramic tile, cannot blind investment too much money, small boat just good turn round。

  三、Choosing a platform for an Internet gene is critical

  As the saying goes, "men are afraid to enter the wrong line, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man", the agent joined tiles is the same. In the Internet era, what we do is platform enterprises. The platform can integrate resources quickly, and people can find what they need on the platform quickly. Dazzling platform has been born, for agents to join tiles, select an Internet gene platform is essential.

  Time passed by and life changed., survival of the fittest, ceramic enterprises only useful Internet thinking to transform themselves, will nurture the infinite vitality.

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