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Under the new normal, consumers of strong tile brand loyalty decreased?

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      The former chairman of Coca Cola Co Robert Sp Woodruff said: as long as the "Coca-Cola" brand, even if one day, reduced to ashes in the fire, so the morning of the second day, the news media business headlines is the major banks scrambling to "Coca-Cola" corporate loans. Coca-Cola will soon be reborn with the power of its brand.

  Woodruff's self-confidence is more due to the Coca-Cola brand contains market value and consumer loyalty. Indeed, in Europe and the United States, a large number of "old" brand relies on the vast number of consumers, ultra-high brand loyalty, after a hundred years of heritage, is still enduring.

  However, in recent years, the electronic industry had a strong brand in the development of low, consumer loyalty to the original strong brand has gradually lost, Motorola, NOKIA, Samsung and other mobile phone giant in the market in the world, no longer, is no longer the brave.

  In the ceramic industry, after the small and medium-sized enterprise expansion era retreat, strong brand "contrarian growth" situation, the second half of 2014 to 2015, under the background of the new economic norm ", a large number of distribution channels mature" strong brand "also appeared different degree of decline in sales.

  Ceramic industry terminal consumers of strong brand loyalty seems to encounter the hitherto unknown crisis decline.

  Brand loyalty stems from "enterprise charm""

  For a long time, the consumer recognition of the brand, more is to "sense of security" and "quality assurance" recognition, especially when consumers have experienced the brand of "good" and "bad" non brand, will strengthen the sense of identity of the brand, which is the brand value.

  It is also in this, the former chairman of Coca-Cola, will be announced, if Coca-Cola factory was a fire on fire, but as long as the owner of the Coca-Cola brand, the company will stage a comeback for second days.

  Brand identity promotion, but also influenced by environmental factors, such as a period of time, Chinese people are keen on shopping in Hongkong, even though not a big brand, will be recognized by consumers, the reason lies in the Hongkong of all sectors of products have higher access standards and production requirements, Hongkong in fact has become a good shopping environment a "brand in the minds of consumers".

  In developed countries, many well-known brands of consumer loyalty is not high, and consumers to the well-known brand "Yu Zhong", a more important reason is that it not only has brand culture and soft power, also always represents the industry's most advanced and innovative products.

  In Chinese, consumers of the original "excellent brand" reduce loyalty because the industry is still in the stage of development, enterprises are still fully experience the brand competition and shuffle, this will be a long process, in the process of brand advantage will show this shift in the situation, who is in a the stage has the advantages of products and services, maintain long-term "enterprise charm" in the industry, who will have higher brand loyalty, and consumer loyalty to the brand will continue to reduce.

  Therefore, the current market, reduce consumer loyalty to traditional brands, the fundamental reason lies in its in capital investment, product innovation, customer service service, brand maintenance and other aspects of the work of a defect, coupled with the industry the bright younger generation continue to emerge, which rely on strong product and service time to erode originally belonging to the brand's market share so, brand sales decline in some degree, directly showing the consumer brand loyalty is to reduce the situation.

  Brand loyalty has always been there"

  Brand loyalty is generally defined by the industry as a customer's tendency to respond to a brand in a way that tends to be biased (rather than arbitrary) in a purchase decision. It is a process of behavior, as well as a process of mental (decision making and evaluation). The formation of brand loyalty is not entirely dependent on product quality, popularity, brand association and communication, it is closely related to the characteristics of consumers themselves, and depends on the product experience of consumers. Improving brand loyalty is of vital importance to the survival and development of an enterprise and the expansion of market share.

  Brand loyalty is often manifested in the premise of product indicators basically consistent, consumers tend to choose relatively strong brand products.

  The ceramic tile industry, Hongyu Group Marketing Director Wang Yong believes that as a low degree of concern in the industry, consumer brand loyalty is often more reflected in the brand will not consciously spread positive energy, after all the tiles for most people in the short term is difficult to repeat purchase. The ceramic tile brand loyalty, more directly reflected in the dealer, the dealer is willing to several years or even tens of year one or several brands of ceramic tile, is the brand loyalty in the largest of the terminal.

  China market is Pyramid type structure of a typical consumer market, the more high-end products to higher prices, the market is small, which makes high-end brands and popular brands occupy a space for one person in all walks of life, even in the field of high-end consumer, will vary to the end of the market force, in order to expand market share.

  In many industries, well-known technology development to a certain stage, the industry gradually mature, the industry products will gradually narrow the gap, especially in some popular demand and the basic functions of the technology, even only a weak gap, brand advantage and general enterprise gap is often reflected in the function and needs some personalized and high-end.

  In Wang Yong's view, for consumers, not because of the industry well-known technology is mature and reduce the strong brand loyalty, but because of other brands because of industry technology, product performance also can meet the basic needs, consumers do not have to buy some of the basic requirements, and strong brand products, unnecessary expenses. Cost.

  However, when consumers choose the product of consistent function among different brands, the loyalty to the strong brand will make them choose the big brand.

  Therefore, public technology maturity and diversification of demand are the reasons why consumers choose other brands, but under the same conditions, consumers' loyalty to brands can be said to have been "always"".

  In the eyes of ICC tile deputy general manager, general manager of domestic marketing area wave, consumer brand loyalty is lower, indicating that the brand products in the past is not good enough or to consumer choice too, making some good products on the market even if there is no brand or brand awareness is relatively low, also can divide the brand enterprises in the market share.

  Brand enterprises in general, cut into the market early, it is after the brand outlets, incomparable, only when the brand enterprises do not good enough, consumers will choose to leave, and when the product quality, product variety, customer service service factors which brand enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises under similar circumstances and the vast majority of consumers still choose brand enterprises.

  It can be said, to really end consumer brand enterprise brand loyalty decreased is "false", under the same conditions, consumer loyalty to the brand is still very high, the brand enterprises, methods to enhance consumer loyalty is to make yourself do better.

  The brand loyalty of consumers "reduce" situation, Foshan jinsiyuma Decorative Material Co., Ltd. assistant chairman Yang Weiwei also believes that a strong brand even with small and medium-sized enterprise products of the same level, consumer loyalty is still in.

  Yang Weiwei said, on the market of the traditional strong brands of ceramic tile, when its products category, color, quality and price with common brand, even some products and services when homogeneous, consumers will choose strong brand products, which is no doubt, after all, a strong brand behind the more than ten years or even all aspects of the protection of the rights and interests of consumers for decades.

  When a strong brand with common brand competition, the vast majority of consumers choose common brand, it only shows a strong brand in terms of product and service has been a problem, in general, only their own is not good enough, consumers will reduce to a strong brand loyalty.

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