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Tile intellectual property protection to make innovation more effective

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      The age of a faster, with changes in demand for ceramic tile products consumers tight replacement rate is accelerating, relying on a product market will always go Jun dream shattered, although the industry every year a lot of new appearance, however, did not receive the expected results, the reason is the development of enterprises for new protection the place is the ceramic tile industry chaos, only the implementation of property rights protection practice, innovation will be more meaningful.

  Tile enterprise product technology innovation imminent

  In the ceramic tile industry, the continuation of the low tech production mode brings the biggest drawback is the homogenization of products, products with low technological content, low barriers to entry, new businesses tend to copycat products of others, which leads to the low return rate of the ceramic tile industry innovation. This is a cycle, and now the ceramic tile industry is gradually in the wireless cycle into a "can not escape" whirlpool.

  Low cost, low tech tile products flooded the market, not only disturbing consumer judgment and desire to buy, but also hindering the mature transition of the ceramic tile market. However, the market potential of ceramic tile industry still exists, although the development of tile enterprises is not very good at this stage, but as long as enterprises find the right way, they will be able to break through the tight encirclement and make progress.

  Cater to consumer demand, and strive to improve product services

  Grasp the psychological needs of consumers personalized products, ceramic tile enterprise is the cornerstone of marketing. Tile products as an important part of the home environment, and now consumers have to pay attention to, therefore, tile enterprises need more in-depth service from the product base. From product marketing to emotional marketing, tile enterprise training need to do is not to spread the brand dealers indoctrination and cultivate their ability in business marketing ability is more focus on the culture of the dealer "to meet customer needs". A good product, not only in the performance of dominant, but also to become the target consumer mind friends, relatives and trusted objects.

  Good products, no thoughtful after-sales service, the overall image will be greatly reduced, the establishment of the brand image is also very unfavorable. Therefore, in the new era, to further grasp the consumer psychology, we can carry out different marketing strategies in a targeted manner and achieve success。

  Armed enterprises with high quality products, so that ceramic tile enterprises in the development of the industry has a strong backing; with perfect after-sales service, clutching the hearts of consumers, so that tile enterprises invincible。

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